To my life…that is.  It seems I can, but not without trepidation.  I already feel (slightly though it may be) stressed from the two kids, two cats, one dog, one husband.  But something just doesn’t feel right.  Here I am writing about change.  The change I want to see in myself, in the world, in my immediate environment.  And there I was talking about the change, making slight modifications to my busy little life with a vegetarian recipe here, a contribution to PETA there, all without really adding any extra weight to my heavy plate.  You know, I have things to do.  Mommy groups, classes, shopping, phone calls, Facebook, c’mon?  You see the millstone around my neck, do you not?

Well, sweet audience, I tether myself to one more responsibility; this one having more import than the aforementioned.  I will become a foster parent this Sunday.  Yes, to a beautiful abandoned kitten.  I was excited, then scared, then reluctant, then submissive, then I wanted to take the whole damn thing back.  I thought, “I just can’t do this.”  I have two other cats and a dog that I promised to care for.  My kids are my number one.  I just can’t add one more thing.  I can’t chance bringing in “a problem cat.” I mean “they” tell you that the beautiful little creature does not have fleas or mites or parasites.  But they cannot be sure.  They CANNOT.  These animals can pick up something in transition-from another foster, from the shelter, from a transporter’s car, for godsake. 

So I look up the rascal I promised to take for a short period of time and I still was saying, “I don’t know…” 

Enter husband from stage right, never my voice of reason as we have completely different interests.  He says, “You promised to care for this cat to people who are depending on you who also care for this cat.”  Which is true and made me feel completely hypocritical given the nature of this blog and the path that I have chosen to pursue.  Damn my best friend and partner.  He shouldn’t make me face myself. 

And so the journey of foster parenting begins.  May I include the lovely charity who I have so become obliged to?  Lady Joan, founder of this charity, has quite a fascinating life and I mean to tell her it is a life I would have chosen to model if I could have, lets say, 12 years of said life back.  I know I will quite fall in love with this little guy.  But I would like to stay committed to the adoption of neglected, abused or discarded animals and this includes letting my little guy go at the end of my work.  I just cannot take them all. 

Please adopt when you are looking for a pet.  There are so many rejected and abandoned animals that need a good home, it is almost never necessary to turn to a breeder or pet store for options.

Ahhh, beginner’s guide to a sense of purpose.